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It was in 1972, when the brothers Candido and Jacinto Trancón decided to return to their roots and settle in extremeñas Talayuela.
It is in this town where we will settle and open a small locksmith happening in 1993 to open a store irons fruits of their work and the good economy of the moment.
In 1995 he launched a greater challenge with the opening of a factory pipe:
In its early years the factory had a machine tubes second-hand and 3 operators, now has 19 jobs, machines tubes, perfiladoras for lamination sheet roof beams, doors, belts and omegas for the Subject of insulation and roofing. The latest acquisition is a machine perfected cutting other formats and longitudinal cutting coil plate.
Moreover, the stock of irons continues incorporating new products offering a wide range of irons and materials for the closing. Thus, extending its range beyond the province, has a staff of 14 people.

From locksmiths to storekeepers and businessmen manufacturers: Trajectory rewarded.
Sustained growth for over 3 years in a row, has earned in 2006, the Gazelle prize, awarded by the Board of Extremadura and recognition by ASEMTA.
As for the steel industry, metallurgy, the company HIERROS TALAYUELA SL is part of the union of storekeepers of Spain

The policy of the company continues to promote the development of synergistic businesses that make up the fabric of our area.
We take this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation and look forward to being worthy of the trust of all. 





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